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. OF . 

East Hanover Presbytery 

Called Meeting, June 21, 1937 

Called Meeting, September 8, 1937 

Fall Meeting, September 21, 1937 

Called Meeting, October 11, 1937 ^ 










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. OF 

East Hanover Presbytery 

Called Meeting, June 21, 1937 

Called Meeting, September 8, 1937 

Fall Meeting, September 21, 1937 

Called Meeting, October 11, 1937 




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Called Meeting 

June 21, 1937. 

East Hanover Presbytery met in called session in the Sec- 
ond Presbyterian Chnrch in Eiclimond on June 21, 1937, at 
10 :00 A. ]\I. The meeting was opened with prayer by the ^lod- 
erator, Rev. J. A. MacLean. 

The following members were present : 

Ministers — J. S. Albertson, J. Blanton Belk, Geo. L. Cooper, 
T. K. Currie, N. L. Dennis, J. A. MacLean, H. A. McBath, Fred V. 
Poag, Abner Robertson, T. B. Southall. 

Ruling Elders — W. F. H. Euos, J. Hall :\Ioore, Jr., AV. A. 
Flecker, W. F. Stevenson. 

The Call was read and fonnd in order and is as follows : 

Sandston, Va., June S, 19 3 7. 
The constitutional requirements having been met, there 
will be a called meeting of East Hanover Presbytery June 21, 1937, 
at 10:00 A. M., in the Second Presbyterian Church of Richmond, 
to consider the following business: 

1. To examine Candidate Clayton C. Crawford for Licensure 
and Ordination. 

2. Any business growing out of this matter. 

J. A. MacLEAX, Moderator. 
CHAS. A. McGIRT, Stated Clerk. 

The Committee on Christian Education and ^linisterial Re- 
lief made the following report : 

The Committee on Christian Education and ^linisterial Relief 
takes pleasure in presenting for licensure and ordination. Candi- 
date Clayton C. Crawford. 

In connection with the licensure of Mr. Crawford, the Commit- 
tee makes the following recommendations: 

1. That, since Mr. Crawford did not have the advantage of a college 
course, he be examined as an extraordinary case, in accordance 
with paragraphs 114 and 13 5 of the Book of Church Order, and 
that he be excused from the examination on academic subjects. 

2. That in lieu of the examinations on the original languages of 
Scripture and Church History, his diploma of graduation from 
Union Theological Seminary be accepted. 


3. That the following -written parts of trial, submitted by Mr. 
Crawford having been examined and approved by members of the 
committee, be approved as satisfactory parts of trial: 
Thesis: "But Whom Say Ye That I am? or the Deity of Jesus 

Exegesis: Romans 8:1-11. 
Popular Lecture: "The Rich Fool." (Luke 12:13-21.) 

The report was adopted. 

Presbytery then proceeded to the examinations on Theology, 
Sacraments and Church Government and English Bible. 

Examined on Theology by Dr. J. B. Belk. Sustained as satis- 

Examined on Sacraments and Church Government by Rev. T. 
K. Currie. Sustained as satisfactory. 

Examined on English Bible by Rev. T. B. Southall. Sustained 
as satisfactory. 

Presbytery heard the sermon preached by Mr. Cravv'ford on the 
subject, "Darkness versus Light," from 1 John 1:6,7. 

The examination as a whole was sustained as satisfactory, and 
Mr. Crawford was licensed as a probationer for the holy ministry. 

The call from the Fairfield Church for the pastoral services 
of Mr. Crawford was placed in his hands upon recommendation 
of the Commission on Vacancy and Supply, and was accepted by 

The examinations for licensure were accepted in lieu of 
the examinations for ordination and a commission was appointed 
to ordain and install Mr. Crawford as pastor of the Fairfield Church, 
July 11, 1937. 

The Commission appointed is as f ollo^YS : 

3Iinisters — Rev. Edward Mack, to preach, preside and propound 
the constitutional questions; Rev. E. W. Way to charge the pastor; 
Rev. Geo. L. Cooper, to charge the congregation; Rev. H. D. Brown, 
Jr., Rev. N. L. Dennis, alternate. 

Ruling Eldei-s — H. H. Wood, W. A. Plecker. 

The quorum to be three Ministers and one Ruling Elder. 

The Minutes were read and approved, and upon motion, 
Presbytery adjourned with prayer and the benediction. 
J. A. MacLEAN, Moderator. 
CHAS. A. McGIRT, Stated Clerk. 

Called Meeting 

September 8, 1937. 

East Hanover Presbytery convened in Ginter Park Presby- 
terian Church, at 2 :00 P. M., on Wednesday, September 8, 
1937, at the call of the Synod of Virginia to consider : 

1. A request for the dissolution of the pastoral relations between 
Rev. Abner Robertson and the Forest Hill Church. 

2. The reception of Mr. Royce Kelvin McDonald under the care of 
Presbytery as a candidate for the Gospel ministry. 

3. And to transact any other business arising from the above. 

The meeting was opened with prayer, led by Rev. Richard 
V. Lancaster, Acting Moderator. 

W. T. McDonald 
C. A. McGirt 
J. S. Albertson 
Jas. A. Millard, Jr. 
S. M. Inmr'.n 
M. C. Bowling 
W. W. Bain 
H. A. McBath 
C. C. Crawford 
H. D. Brown, Jr. 
B. T. Harrop 
John W. Sherman 
W. W. White 

Ministers Present Were: 

Abner Robertson 
E. B. Paisley 

D. P. Rogers 

E. T. Thompson 
R. V. Lancaster 
T. B. Southall. 
D. T. Caldwell 

A. B. Montgomery 
X. L. Dennis 
W. L. Carson 
Michaux Raine 
J. E. Hemphill 

Elders Present Were: 

A. B. Wooldridge Mizpah Church 

W. A. Flecker Roseneath 

L. D. Booth Forest Hill 

W. F. Stevenson Laurel 

E. M. Somers Burkeville 

W. G. Acree Miklen 

Randolph ]\Iadison Tabb Street 

Rev. Abner Robertson requested that Presbytery dissolve 
the pa.storal relations between himself and the Forest Hill 


Church. Through a written communication and their repre- 
sentative, Mr. L. D. Booth, the congregation concurred in the 
request, which was granted. 

Presbytery was led in prayer by the I\Ioderator. 

Rev. xA.bner Robertson's request for permission to labor 
outside the bounds of the Presbytery was granted. 

Rev. X. L. Dennis was elected to visit the Forest Hil] Church 
and to declare the pulpit vacant. 

Mr. Royce Kelvin McDcnald was recommended as a candi- 
date for the Gospel Ministry by the Committee on Christian 
Education and Ministerial Relief. The Committee further 
recommended tliat Presbytery endorse the application of Mr. 
McDonald for aid from the Student Loan Fund. 

The report of the Committee was adopted. 

]\lr. ]\lcDonald was examined on Experimental Religion 
and I\Iotives for entering the ministry by Rev. S. ^1. Inman. 
The examination wa-s sustained as satisfactory. 

The Acting ^Moderator propounded the constitutional ques- 
tions, gave the charge to the candidate, and led Presbytery 
in the reception prayer. 

The I\Iinues were read and approved, and upon motion, 
Presbytery adjourned with prayer and benediction. 

^ RICHARD V. LANCASTER. Acting Moderator. 
CHAS. A. McGIRT, Stated Clerk. 

Fall Meeting 

September 21, 1937. 

East Hanover Presbytery convened in regular Fall ^Meeting 
on September 21, 1937. at 10 A. ]\I,, in the Pryor ^Memorial 
Presbyterian Church. Crewe. Virginia. 

The retiring ^Moderator, Rev. John A. MacLean. preached 
the opening sermon from Romans 8:9 — "If any man have not 
the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His." 

The f olloAving members of Presbytery vere present : 

J. S. Albei'tson 

W. \V. Bain 

J. B. Belk 

:\I. C. Bowling 

H. D. BroAvn, Jr. 

D. T. Caldwell 

R. D. Car.?on 

W. L. Carson 

G. L. Cooper 

C. C. Crawford 

J. H. Cudlipp 

T. K. Currie 

X. L. Dennis 

J. S. Duckwall 

B. T. Harrop 

J. E. Hemphill 

'M. B. Heizer 

W. E. Hill Jr. 

S. IM. luman 

Richard Y. Lancaster 


y. p. ?*Ierrell 
Edward Mack 
J. A. ?.IacLean 
J. H. INIacrae 
H. A. McBath 
AV. T. McDonald 

C. A. McGirt 

J. A. milliard, Jr. 
A. B. }ilontgomery 
J. G. rilorrison 

E. B. Paisley 

F. V. Poag 
IVIicliaux Raine 

D. P. Rogers 
J. W. Sherman 
T. B. Southall 

E. T. Thompson 
W. W. White 

H. J. AVomeldorf 
:\I. B. Wyatt 
Total — 40 

Elders Cliurch 

'M. B. Blanton Providence 

F. IM. Conner Richmond First 

I. E. Darby Bott Memorial 

C. B. Evans Hopewell First 

J. W. Ellis Mizpah 


J. F. Edmunds Brunswick 

E. L. Faber Fulton 

W. K. Fitch Fairfield 

J. W. Friend Petersburg Second 

R. S. Gray Richmond Second 

R. B. Hardy Blackstone 

Thomas Hicks Union 

N. J. Inge Roseneath 

J. G. Jefferson Amelia 

J. McP. Lacy St. James 

R. H. Lewis Hawkins Memorial 

J. A. Millard Ginter Park 

R. E. Mountcastle Providence Forge 

H. S. MacLean Grace-Covenant 

J. H. Moore, Jr Ashland 

W. P. Martin Westminster 

G. L. Nunnally Porter Street 

Ewell Somers Burkeville 

J. G. Sampson Hoge Memorial 

W. F. Stevenson • Laurel 

Archie Thweatt Tabb Street 

R. J. Tuck Overbrook 

W. E. Walker Sandston 

W. F. Watkins Pryor Memorial 

H. M. Woody Tabb Street 

Total — 30 

Visiting Brethren: Rev. V. P. Merrell, of Lexington-Ebeii- 
ezer Presbytery; Rev. C. F. Allen, of Granville Presbytery, 
and Dr. B. K. Tenney, of "Western Texas, Avere introduced and 
invited to sit as visiting brethren. 

Organization: Mr. John W. Friend, of Second Church, 
Petersburg', was elected Moderator, and Rev. J. G. Morrison 
and Mr. W. E. Walker were elected temporary clerks. 

Program: The Program Committee presented its report 
fixing the hours of sessions and the schedule of business, and it 
was adopted. 


1. The Stated Clerk asked Presbytery to instruct him as to 
its wishes regarding paragraph 75 in the Book of Church Order. 


Motion prevailed that the provisions of the Book of Church 
Order in question be adhered to and made applicable to those 
received into Presbytery in the future. 

2. The Stated Clerk called the attention of Presbytery to 
its action on Reviewing Problems of Churches. This action 
being taken at its Spring Meeting, 1936. Upon motion this 
action of Presbytery was rescinded. 

3. The Stated Clerk of Synod: A communication from Dr. 
McMurray was referred to the Committee on Nominations. 

4. Rev. Wm. Meg'g'inson : A communication from Dr. ]\Ieg- 
ginson was referred to the Committee on Benevolent Institu- 

5. Sandston Church: A communication from the Sandston 
Church was referred to the Finance Committee. 

6. Warren H. Stewart asked to be excused from attending 
this meeting of Presbytery and given permission to labor out- 
side its bounds for the next six months. The request was 

7. Dr. C. A. Blanton and J. Scott Parrlsh: Communications 
from Messrs. Blanton and Parrish regarding their diligence as 
Commissioners to General Assembly were referred to the Com- 
mittee on Assembly's Minutes. 

8. The G-eneral Assembly: Rega.rding a communication 
from the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly, items Nos. 1 
and 3 were referred to the Committee on Assembly's Minutes. 
Item No. 2 was referred to the Committee on Revision of Con- 
fession of Faith. 

Upon motion Presbytery directed that all of the members 
originally named on the Committee on Revision of Confession 
of Faith be added to the present list, and that the Moderator 
name two additional elders to serve on this Committee. 

9. Rev. J. A. MacLean verbally brought Rev. W. E. Hill's 
request to be excused from attending this meeting of Presby- 
tery. The request was granted, and motion prevailed that 
telegrams be sent to Dr. W. E. Hill, Dr. AV. S. Campbell, Dr. 
R. V. Lancaster. 

Presbytery then engaged in prayer on their behalf. 

10. Rev. V. P. Merrell: A certificate of dismissal from 


Lexingtoii-Ebenezer Presbytery to East Hanover Avas referred 
to the Commission on Vacancy and Supply. 

11. Rev. Adolph Makovsky was excused from attending 
this meeting of Presbytery. 

Rev. C. C. Crawford: The Commission appointed to ordain 
and install Eev. C. C. Crawford pastor of Fairfield Presbyterian 
Church submitted a record of its proceedings which "was en- 
tered on the Minutes of Presbytery, and is as follows : 

The Commission appointed by East Hanover Presbytery to 
ordain and install Rev. Clayton C. Crawford as pastor of the Fair- 
field Presbyterian Church met in the Sunday-school room of the Fair- 
field Presbyterian Church on Sunday afternoon, July 11, 1937, at 
2:45. The meeting was opened with prayer by Dr. Edward Mack, who 
was elected Moderator. The following members being present — Dr. 
Edward Mack, Rev. H. D. Brown, Rev. Geo. L. Cooper, Elder H. H. 
Wood and Alternate Dr. N. L. Dennis. 

Mr. H. H. "Wood was elected clerk of the Commission. Rev. 
E. W. Way, D. D., of Suwanee Presbytery, former pastor of Mr. 
Crawford, was invited to sit with the Commission and have a part 
in the service. 

The Commission adjourned to the church auditorium and pro- 
ceeded with the ordination and installation services. Dr. Mack 
presiding. Mr. Brown led the congregation in prayer, after which 
Dr. Mack preached a most appropriate sermon from text Psalms 

The constitutional questions to both pastor and congregation 
were propounded by Dr. Mack and answered satisfactorily. Mr. 
Clayton C. Crawford was then ordained as pastor by the laying on 
of hands, the prayer led by Dr. Dennis, after which Rev. C. C. 
Crawford was declared duly ordained and installed as pastor 
of the Fairfield Presbyterian Church. 

The charge to the pastor was given by Dr. E. W. Way and to 
the congregation by Mr. Cooper. 

After the singing of a hymn the congregation was dismissed with 
the benediction by Mr. Crawford. 

The Commission then reassembled, the Minutes read and ap- 
proved. God's blessing was asked upon the people and the new 
pastor as they began anew their work together in a prayer by Dr. 

The Commission was dismissed by Dr. Mack. 

EDWARD MACK, Moderator. 
H. H. WOOD, Clerk. 


Report of Presbjrtery's Treasurer was referred to the Fi- 
nance Committee. 

Treasurer's Report on Benevolences wa« referred to the 
Stewardship Committee. 

Presbyterial Quotas were read and referred to the Finance 

Presbytery recessed at 12 :30 P. M. 


Presbytery reconvened at 2:00 P. M. 

Standing Committees: The Moderator appointed the fol- 
lowing Standing Committees : 

Bills aiid Overtures: Ministers, J. A. MacLean, D. P. Rogers, 
Elder, W. P. Martin. 

Finance: Minister, M. B. Wyatt. Elders N. J. Inge, J. A. 
Millard, Sr. 

^Minutes of Presbytery: Ministers, H. A. McBatli, R. D. Car- 
son. Elder, W. E. Walker. 

IMinutes of Sjniorl: Ministers, C. C. Crawford, H. D. Brown, Jr. 
Elder, J. W. Ellis. 

Presbyterial Sermon: Ministers, Edward Mack, M. B. Heizer. 
Elder, J. Hall Moore. 

Courtesy: Minister, F. V. Poag. Elder, A, M. Thweatt. 

Time and Place: Ministers, J. E. Hemphill, E. B. Paisley. 
Elder, F. M. Conner. 

Nomination of Commissioners: Ministers, D. T. Caldwell, W. E. 
Hill, Jr. Elder, W. K. Fitch. 

Committee on Confession of Faith: The Moderator added 
the following names to this committee : K. S. Cray, H. S. 

Rev. D. P. Rogers stated his de>sire to retire from active 
service, and reqnested Presbytery to dissolve the pastoral re- 
lations between him and the Amelia Church. 

The Church, through its representative, J. G. Jefferson, con- 
curred, with regrets, in the request, whicli request Avas granted, 
and the matter of declaring the pulpit vacant was referred to 
the Commission on Vacancy and Supply. The Commission Avas 
instructed to write a letter of appreciation to Mr. Rogers, and 


to express to him our affection and our regrets that he will 
no longer be v\dth ns in the active ministry. 

Committee on Moral and Social Welfare submitted its re- 
port, which was adopted, and is as follows : 


Your Committee would call Presbytery's attention to the re- 
port of the 'General Assembly's Committee on Moral and Social Wel- 
fare found in the Minutes of the General Assembly, pages 9 8 through 
112. This report has sections on Christian Marriage and the Chris- 
tian Home; on Neighborliness, including the economic situation, 
race relations and the threat of war; and on Corrupting Influences, 
including the liquor menace, obscene literature and social diseases. 

The General Assembly recommends that inasmuch as the prac- 
tice of Christian principles on the part of our church members is 
directly related to our work at home and abroad, those in charge 
of the preparation of the program of the Men of the Church, the 
Woman's Auxiliary, and the Young People be instructed to include 
the study of moral and social problems in their service programs 
and that they consider in this connection the report of this commit- 
tee with its recommendations as approved by the General Assembly. 

Pastors in this Presbytery might also consider this recommen- 
dation, and promote in some way the study of this report in their 
own congregations. 

The problem within our own bounds which has received the 
most attention during the past year is the problem of crime. 

We note, for example, that there has been a steady increase 
in jail commitments in Virginia since 193 0. In that year the 
number was 50,000. In 1936 the number had increased to 77,977, 
an increase of more than 50 per cent, and an all time record for 
the State. The figures for this year will probably equal 85,000 or 
90,000. Virginia, it appears, has twice as many jail commitments 
as New York State, exclusive of New York City; four times as many 
as Maryland, two and one-half times as many as West Virginia 
or North Carolina, three times as many as Great Britain, with a popu- 
lation of over fifty million. While it is not possible to obtain sta- 
tistics from more than a dozen states, it is reasonably certain that 
Virginia has as many if not more jail commitments than any 
other state in the Union. According to these estimates, we commit 
one in thirty of our population as against one in 120 for the United 
States as a whole. 

Two thousand and five hundred of those committed in this State 
each year are juveniles; and 1,500 others are later sent to State 


hospitals for the insane. Mr. Russell deVine, supervisor of jail 
accounts for the State Department of Public Welfare, comments: 
"Any state which incarcerates these groups in the average jail is 
mentally sick itself." A great many others are incarcerated simply 
because they cannot pay a fine for some petty offense. 

Arrests in the City of Richmond, we might note, increased 
6,157 in 1936, the total being 34,959 against 28,802 in 1935. The 
police are especially concerned with the mounting arrests for drunk- 
enness. The 1936 total vv^as 6,858, a gain of 744 over 1935. The 
1934 total of 5,715 jumped 2,002 over 1933 the last year of prohi- 
bition and drunkenness has been on the increase ever since. 

In 193 6 the 'United States Department of Justice blacklisted 
50 out of 109 jails in Virginia because of filth, mismanagement and 
other causes, which rendered them "unfit for detention purposes." 
Since then a series of tragedies have revealed fire-trap conditions 
that are even worse. On three differnt occasions misdemeanants 
have been burned to death because of negligence in this regard. 
Arthur W. James, Commissioner of Public Welfare, reports that at 
the present time 31 Virginia jails are "distinct fire hazards," and 48 
lockups have no supervision at night. Six of the jails listed as fire 
hazards are within the limits of East Hanover Presbytery; and at 
least nine of our jails have no supervision at night. 

The latest inspection ratings of the United States Department 
of Justice show eight jails in the State with ratings from 6 to 69 
per cent, the highest in the State; 31 with ratings from 50 to 5 9 
per cent, and 71 with ratings less than 50 per cent. 

The last session of the General Assembly appointed a commis- 
sion to study the jail situation in Virginia. This commission has 
just issued a report with recommendations, which suggests that the 
State concentrate on three major objectives: First, to keep people 
out of jail; second, to shorten the time spent in jail by witnesses 
and people awaiting trial; third, to provide a better system for han- 
dling convicted misdemeanants. In regard to this third objective, 
six specific recommendations are made: 

One — Abandon jails completely as places for serving sentence. 
Retain a few of the best in areas of dense jail commitments for per- 
sons awaiting trial. 

Two — Establish a group of regional jail farms for convicted 

Three — Adopt the indeterminate sentence. 

Pour — Abolish in its entirety the tee system as a method of 
paying for prisoners in jail, arrests, etc. 

Five — Set up a centralized State control of the misdemeanant 

. Six — Abolish local lockups as at present operated. 


The approaching session of the State Legislature, which meets 
this winter, will be called upon to deal with the report of this 
Commission, and will also be asked to consider other questions 
relating to the moral and social welfare of the people of Virginia. 
John Hopkins Hall, State Labor Commissioner, for example, recom- 
mends that the State adopt a minimum wage law, raise the stand- 
ards of the child labor law and pass an eight-hour day law for women 
workers (a similar law was recently passed by the State of North 
Carolina) in order to bar the door in Virginia against the exploitive 
type of industry, which comes to Virginia mainly to escape the 
higher labor standards set by law in other states. 

We are not qualified as a church court to pass on the merit 
of these various proposals. It is, however, eminently proper for 
ministers of the Gospel to call these facts to the attention of their 
people, and to remind them of the words of Jesus: "I was hungry 
and ye gave me to eat; I was thirsty and ye gave me to drink; I 
was a stranger and ye took me in; naked and ye clothed me; I was 
sick and ye visited me; I was in prison and ye came unto me. . . . 
Inasmuch as ye did it unto one of these my brethren, even these 
least, ye did it unto me." 

The church seeks to prevent crime and industrial exploitation 
by the preaching of the Gospel and the teaching of God's Word. 
It must by these same means inspire its members to minister to all 
of those who are in need. 

E. T. THOMPSON, Chairman. 

Commission on Vacancy and Supply submitted its report, 
which was adopted and is as follows : 


In accordance with its instructions, the Commission has met 
with committees appointed by the Amelia Presbyterian Church and 
the Forest Hill Presbyterian Church, has advised with and will 
continue to keep in touch with both, regarding the calling of a new 

The Commission has received two communications, regarding 
the continuance of stated supplies, and one communication regarding 
the continuance of a student supply. 

We recommend (1) that Dr. John L. Fairly be continued as 
Stated Supply of the Bon Air Church until the next stated meeting 
of Presbytery; (2) that Mr. Thompson B. Southall be continued as 
Stated Supply of the Ashland, Milford and King's Chapel Churches 
until the next stated meeting of Presbytery; and (3) Mr. F. L. 
Elvery be continued as student supply of the Grove Avenue Pres- 


byterian Church until the next regular meeting of Presbytery. 

A certificate from Lexington-Ebenezer Presbytery dismissing 
the Rev. Vincent P. Merrell to the Presbytery of East Hanover. We 
recommend that the certificate be found in order, and that Mr. Mer- 
rell now be examined for admission into the Presbytery according 
to the provisions of the Book of Church Order, Pars. 74 and 7 5. 

E. T. THOMPSON, Chairman. 

Eev. V. P. Merrell was examined in experimental religion 
by the Rev. D. P. Rogers. The examination was sustained. 
The examination touching his views in Theology was conducted 
by Rev. D. T. CaklAvell and was sustained. The examination 
touching his views on Church Government was conducted 
by the Rev. E. T. Thompson and was sustained. The exami- 
nation as a wliole was sustained as satisfactory, and ]\Ir. Mer- 
rell was received into the Presbytery. 

The Committee on Religious Education submitted its re- 
port orally, whicli was received as information. 

Tlie Committee then made the following recommendation, 
which was adopted : 

That the Committee of Religious Education be allowed to use 
the $50.00 balance of their appropriation for Vacation Church 
Schools, to help finance their program of Leadership Training in 
the smaller churches of the Presbytery this Fall. 

W. E. HILL, JR., Chairman. 

Committee on Benevolent Institutions submitted its report 
which was received as information. 

Dr. L. W. Jarman, President of Mary Baldwin College, 
Avas granted the ])rivilege of the floor, and addressed the Pres- 
bytery on the relation of that institution to the Synod. 

Stewardship Committee submitted its report, and after 
messages Avere heard from Dr. B. K. Tenney, Rev. C. F. Allen, 
and Rev. M. B. Heizer, the recommendations Avere adopted and 
are as f oIIoavs : 

Your Committee on Stewardship recommends: 
1. That Presbytery adopt the following budget for the year 19 38-39: 

For Assembly's Causes $47,382.30 

For Synod's Causes 14,420.70 

For Presbytery's Home Missions 20,601.00 

Total $82,404.00 


2. That Presbytery adopt the following apportionments for the year 

Amount Asked Amount Paid Amount Asked 

Oiurch 1937-38 1936-37 1938-39 

Aberdour $ 100.00 $ 103.00 $ 110.00 

Amelia 800.00 951.00 880.00 

Ashland 500.00 566.00 550.00 

Bethany 175.00 141.00 192.50 

Blackstone 1,500.00 884.00 1,000.00 

Bon Air 700.00 299.00 400.00 

Bott Memorial 75.00 94.00 82.50 

Brett-Reed 150.00 153.00 165.00 

Brunswick 300.00 281.00 330.00 

Burkeville 200.00 146.00 220.00 

Byrd 40.00 26.00 44.00 

Campbell Memorial 225.00 247.00 247.50 

Centralia 25.00 20 00 27.50 

Chester 275.00 307.00 302.50 

Colonial Heights 100.00 32.00 110.00 

Czechoslovak 300.00 303.00 330.00 

Drewry's Bluff 150.00 113.00 165.00 

Emporia 500.00 325.00 350.00' 

Fairfield 100.00 115.00 110.00 

Fairmount 200.00 198.00 220.00 

Forest Hill 300.00 134.00 330.00 

Fredericksburg 3,000.00 2,920.00 3,000.00 

Fulton 150.00 165.00 165.00 

Genito 100.00 86.00 110.00 

Ginter Park 12,000.00 7,400.00 9,000.00 

Grace Covenant 16,000.00 19,504.00 17,600.00 

Granite 100.00 105.00 110.00 

Grove Avenue 150.00 154.00 165.00 

Hawkins Memorial 75.00 56.00 82.50 

Hebron 150.00 171.00 165.00 

Hoge Memorial 200.00 247.00 220.00 

Hopewell 200.00 250.00 220.00 

King's Chapel 25.00 6.00 27.50 

Lakeside 300.00 300.00 330.00 

Laurel 200.00 134.00 220.00 

Lawrenceville 125.00 106.00 137.50 

Milden 250.00 230.00 275.00 

Milford 200.00 198.00 220.00 

Mizpah 1,500.00 1,125.00 1,200.00 

Montrose 200.00 100.00 200.00 


Namozine 200.00 234.00 220.00 

Nottoway 50.00 11.00 55.00 

Overbrook 1,500.00 843.00 1,000.00 

Petersburg Second 6,000.00 6,119.00 6,600.00 

Petersburg Third 150.00 41.00 100.00 

Porter Street 500.00 541.00 550.00 

Providence 200.00 102.00 200.00 

Providence Forge 125.00 82.00 100.00 

Pryor Memorial | 600.00 821.00 660.00 

Read Memorial 150.00 44.00 100.00 

Richmond First 8,000.00 5,491.00 6.000.00 

Richmond Second 12,500.00 8,932.00 10,000.00 

Richmond Third 6,100.00 5,128.00 5,500.00 

Roseneath 100.00 133.00 110.00 

St. James 75.00 100.00 82.50 

Samuel Davies 100.00 68.00 110.00 

Sandston 275.00 272.00 302.50 

Tabb Street 6,000.00 5,281.00 6,600.00 

Union 150.00 474.00 165.00 

Wesley Chapel 50.00 8.00 55.00 

West End 200.00 253.00 220.00 

Westminster 4,000.00 3,547.00 3,750.00 

Windsor Shades 50.00 44.00 55.00 

Woodlawn 50.00 55.00 

$88,765.00 $77,264.00 $82,204.00 

3. That Presbytery adopt the following percentage schedule for dis- 
tribution of benevolent funds: 

Foreign Missions 30 % 

Assembly's Home Missions 15 % 

Christian Education and Ministerial Relief 7 % % 

Religious Education and Publication 3 % 

Assembly's Training School 1^/2% 

Bible Causes . % 7o 

Synod's Home Missions 2 % 

Orphans' Home 3 % 

Sunnyside Home 1 % 

Massanetta Conferences 1 % 

Union Theological Seminary 2 % % 

Hampden-Sydney College 2 i/^ % 

Mary Baldwin College 2 i/^ % 

Synod's Religious Education and Student Work 3 % 

Presbytery's Home Missions 25 % 

100 % 


4. That every congregation be urged to make a thorough Every 
Member Canvass for all church benevolences, as well as local 
expenses, on Sunday, March 13, 1938. 

5. That every congregation be urged to designate Sunday, March 
21st, as Pay-Up Sunday (Presbyterian Loyalty Day), and that 
all members who had made no pledge be urged to make a cash 
contribution to the benevolent causes. 

6. That the month of February be designated as a period of spe- 
cial education and preparation for the Every Member Can- 
vass, and that the Stewardship Committee be authorized to use 
whatever measures it may deem appropriate to stimulate the 
Every Member Canvass, and visit the churches and confer with 
the congregations or the officers in connection with the Steward- 
ship Campaign, and that $25.00 be set apart for this expense. 

That Rev. N. L. Dennis be re-elected Secretary of Stewardship. 

8. We recommend that another conference of Deacons be held 
on January 9, 1938, in the Second Presbyterian Church of Rich- 
mond; that this Conference open with a morning worship serv- 
ice at eleven o'clock, the service to be followed by a luncheon, 
with a brief inspirational speaker. The meeting will then 
break up into four groups: (1) Those representing the larger 
city churches, (2) The smaller city churches, (3) The town 
churches, (4) The country churches. These discussion groups 
to be conducted by the deacons themselves. 

The attendance last year at our first Deacons' Conference was 
well over two hundred. Your Committee learned a good deal 
that will enable us to vastly improve the effectiveness of this 
second conference. We would also request $50.00 from Pres- 
bytery to assist in setting up these meetings. 

9. Your Committee wishes also to call attention to the increasing 
popularity of the Duplex Envelopes, and to remind the churches 
that these are available through our Committee of Publication. 

10. It is hoped that every pastor will call special attention to the 
fact that this year the apportionments were based carefully on 
last year's gifts. We feel that this year each church should 
accept its quota in full. 

11. That the report of the Benevolent Treasurer be accepted. 

12. That pending the further consideration of this report, Presbytery 
hear the Rev. B. K. Tenney, D. D., Secretary of Stewardship. 

Respectfully submitted, 





D. P. ROGERS " ■ 





Abedour $ 






Campbell Memorial . . 


Colonial Heights 

Czechoslovak First . . . 

Drewry's Bluff 



Grace Covenant 


Grove Avenue 

Hawkins Memorial . . 

Total Regular Caus 





King's Chapel 


















Petersburg Second . . 

. 1 



Porter Street 


117. GO 

Providence Forge . . . 



Read Memorial 



Richmond Second . . . 

. 1 



Richmond Third . . . 






Saint James 



Samuel Davies 



Tabb Street 









Included in checks for Benevolences: 

Granite Presbyterial Quota $ 3.70 

Grace Covenant, Synod's Entertainment Fund. . . 76.05 


Foreign Missions $2,349.54 

Assembly's Home Missions 901.16 

Assembly's Training School 85.25 

Christian Education and Ministerial Relief. . . 400.94 

Religious Education 129.81 

Bible Cause 20.09 

Ministers' Annuity Fund 2.00 

Total Assembly's Causes 

Synod's Home Missions $ 81.63 

Union Theological Seminary 100.42 

Hampden-Sydney College 120.50 

Mary Baldwin College 120.50 

Danville Military Institute 2 0.10 

Massanetta Springs Conferences 4 0.17 

79. 7J 




Presbyterian Orphans' Home 172.68 

Sunny Side Home 115.17 

Synod's Religious Education 100.42 

Total Synod's Causes 871.59 

Presbytery's Home Missions 86 6.64 

Total Regular Causes $5,627.02 

Presbytery's Treasurer Presbytery Quota $ 3.70 

Presbytery's Treasurer Synod's Ent. Fund 76.05 

Total Nonbenevolent Causes 79.75 

Total Disbursements $5,706.77 

Percentage of Total Receipts Actually Received as Compared with 
Pi'esbj-tery's Schedule. 

Actually Presbytery's 
Causes. Received. Schedule. 

Foreign Missions 41.76 31.50 

Assembly's Home Missions 16.02 15.50 

Assembly's Training School 1.50 1.50 

Christian Education and Ministerial Relief. . . . 7.15 7.50 

Religious Education 2.31 3.00 

Bible Cause 36 .50 

Total Assembly's Causes 69.10 59.50 

Synod's Home Missions 1.46 2.00 

Union Theological Seminary 1.79 2.50 

Hampden-Sydney College 2.14 3.00 

Mary Baldwin College 2.14 3.00 

Danville Military Institute 36 .50 

Massanetta Springs Conferences 71 1.00 

Presbyterian Orphans' Home 3.07 4.00 

Sunny Side Home 2.05 1.00 

Synod's Religion Education 1.78 2.5 

Total Synod's Causes 15.50 19.50 

Presbytery's Home Missions 15.40 21.00 

Committee on Spiritual Life submitted its report, which 
was adopted as follows : 


The Spiritual Life Committee assumes that an index of the 
spiritual life of our churches is the spiritual birthrate. Last year, 


as usual, it was about 4 per cent. A total of 13,34 9 members of 
the 64 churches of the Presbytery added to the church on profes- 
sion of faith a total of 5 52 souls in one year. In twelve churches 
there were no additions on profession of faith. 

In glancing over the reports we find that the smaller churches 
in both city and country had a more vigorous spiritual life, as indi- 
cated by this fruitage of preaching and witnessing, than the 
churches of larger membership. 

But, of course, no one is satisfied with a 4 per cent spiritual 
birthrate. That means that it took 2 5 Presbyterians a whole year 
to bring one soul into the Kingdom of Ood. And it may mean that 
24 Presbyterians made no earnest effort to save a soul from death, 
while one, probably the pastor, did. 

In order to find out where our weakness lies and how we 
may deepen and strengthen the spiritual life of our churches, we 
have been asking the young people of our camps and conferences 
three questions: 1. "Who was it, parent, Sunday-school teacher, 
friend, pastor, or evangelist who brought you to a decision for 
Christ?" 2. At the time of your conversion or since, have you had 
a transforming experience of the presence and love of Jesus; 
an illuminating or overwhelming sense of God's forgiveness, peace 
or joy following your full surrender of yourself to Him? 3. Have 
you experienced or do you have a great longing to lead some one 
else to Christ? The answers to these questions indicate, broadly 

1. That few parents, Sunday-school teachers or friends led 
these young people to- Christ. The overwhelming majority were 
led to Christ by their own pastors in private conversation. And the 
second largest number was brought in by the visiting pastor-evan- 
gelist in the special evangelistic services of the church. 

2. That very few of our young people have had any normal 
transforming experience at conversion or since. To most of them 
God and Jesus are far away and conversion is too often an accep- 
tance of certain truths about God, Jesus, Heaven, and religious 
ideals, or a conformity to certain rules or cedes of conduct, instead 
of the coming into possession of a new life of supernatural power 
and joy. 

3. That where large numbers of young people are brought 
into the church upon the profession of a faith which does not in- 
clude the full surrender of life to the Master, the Spirit of Christ 
to seek and to save that which is lost seems to be smothered and 
the thrilling power of the Holy Ghost both for Christian life ana 
service too frequently is not experienced. 


To deepen and strengthen the spiritual life, the following course 
seems to be indicated: 

1. While we must give thought to organizations and their pro- 
grams of education and social service, the great work of the Church 
of Christ to seek and to save the lost should be paramount in the 
thinking and planning and activity of the church. We urge upon 
pastors the need of the hour, the preaching of salvation through 
Jesus our Redeemer and Lord. Since multitudes of our church 
members can give no clear answer to the question: "What does it 
mean to be a Christian?" we need more preaching of the Gospel in all 
its simplicity and power. 

2. It seems to us that more of the energy of the church 
should be directed to the task of securing private daily Bible 
Reading and Prayer. The Daily Bible Reading plan of the Woman's 
Auxiliary is in the right direction. The reading should be arranged 
according to each group's spiritual maturity. It should be directed, 
supervised, and reports encouraged. The Word of God is the daily 
manna of the soul. Spiritual vitality is lost whenever the Word of 
God is neglected. 

3. In addition to the usual lessons, the boys and girls of our 
Sunday schools from the Junior grade and upward should be given 
a brief, simple supplemental course in the plan of salvation, and 
at each stage of life's development challenged anew to life surren- 
der or deeper consecration to Christ. The young people who at- 
tend our Conferences are thus instructed and challenged and re- 
spond nobly, and we crave the same inspiration and call for all, 
since the many will not have the privilege of attending these con- 

4. We are convinced that, since the larger number of our ac- 
cessions by profession of faith are young people, an older spiritual 
adviser or counselor should be assigned to each youth when admit- 
ted to the Communion, in order that he may have the loving over- 
sight of a consecrated Christian, and that he be assigned at once 
some definite task in the work program of the church. 

5. We believe that a short course in personal evangelism taught 
by the pastor at the week night prayer-meeting will call the atten- 
tion of the most spiritual group in the church to this vital task and, 
if properly directed by the pastor, will be the most successful meth- 
of winning the lost to Christ. We need the public preaching and 
the Bible Class group teaching, but the divine method which brings 
greatest results is the individual, persuasive evangelism carried out 
by praying, working Christians. Such a text book as Frank Brown's 
"Lost, a Human Soul," has been used effectively by members of this 


We would, therefore, respectfully recommend: 

1. That our pastors and churches cooperate with the plans of 
the National Preaching Mission, and that during the eight days, 
November 2 8 to December 5, hold special evangelistic services in 
every church, the pastor himself being the preacher. That the 
special services be preceded by a series of special prayer-meetings, 
preferably in the homes of the members, at strategic points. 

2. That special efforts be made to enroll the entire church 
membership in a Daily Bible Reading Year, with special attention 
given to the Gospels and Epistles, cooperating so far as possible 
with the plan of the Women's Auxiliary. 

3. That special supplemental instruction in the plan of salva- 
tion be given in the Sunday School, with a living personal invita- 
tion to every undeclared scholar to commit himself to the Redeemer 
of men. 

4. That special lessons on personal evangelism be given in 
the week-night prayer service. 

5. That in advance of the week of special evangelistic services, 
after prayer and careful preparation an opportunity be given to the 
scholars to declare their decision to surrender their lives to Christ. 

6. That all our preaching should have the pleading note of the 
loving Saviour of men and should be marked by Gospel simplicity, 
fervency, urgency and expectancy. 

7. That an older, spiritual member of the church be assigned 
as advisor or counselor to each young person on joining the church 
to assist him in entering the work of the church and to help him to 
grow in Christian grace. 

Respectfully submitted, 


w. T. Mcdonald 

Home Missions Committee submitted its report, which was 
adopted as follows : 

At the Spring Meeting of Presbytery the following recommen- 
dation was adopted: 

That a Building League be organized for the purpose of raising 
funds to aid in the construction of churches and chapels in the 
Presbytery, the details of the plan to be left to the Home Mission 

The Home Mission Committee would recommend: 


1. That the foliowiug be the form adopted by Presbytery for 
enrolling members in the League: 

In order to assist the Presbytery in the erection of 
Churches and Chapels in the Mission Fields within its 
bounds, I agree to become a member of the Btiilding League 
and will contribute a minimum of $2.00 per year to this 




Send all contributions to Chas. F. Cole, Treasurer. 1319 
East Main Street. Richmond, Virginia. 

2. That Mr. Chas. F. Cole, 1.319 East Main Street, Richmond, 
Virginia, be the Treasurer. 

3. That the funds be administered by the Home Alission Com- 

4. That the Home Mission Committee be authorized to bor- 
row §1,000.00 if necessary to pay our workers. 

D. T. CALDWELL, Chairman. 

Historical Committee submitted its report, which was 
adopted, and is as f oHows : 

No sketches of any of our churches have been put into the 
hands of your Committee since our last report. This field of rec- 
ord has now been almost completed. Pastors and sessions of 
churches, whose histories are not already on record are requested 
to prepare and submit them, for the complete history of our Pres- 
bytery by churches. 

The Presbytery is reminded that this is a time of notable anni- 
versaries. In 1938 the 1.5 0th anniversaries of the Organization of 
the Presbyterian Assembly in the U. S. A., and of the Synod of 
Virginia. This year, 1937, marks the 125th anniversary of the 
establishing of Union Theological Seminary. The two hundredth an- 
niversary of the constitution of our own Presbytery is not far dis- 
tant. These memorable celebrations, bicentennial, sesquicentennial, 
and 12 5th challenge us to gird up our loins like men, stir up our 
hearts by remembrance, renew and rededicate our lives in Christ, 
that we be more worthy of a priceless heritage. 

A faithful and efficient member of this committee from its first 
appointment by Presbytery, Rev. William S. Campbell, is now in 
serious ill health. We recommend that the Presbytery, through the 


Moderator send a message of our affectionate and sympathetic 
thought for him. 

Respectfully submitted, 

EDWARD MACK, Chairman. 

Committee on Assembly's Institutions siibmittecl its report 
which was adopted as follows : 


As our report we submit this letter from Dr. E. B. Paislej', Presi- 

Dear Brethren: 

During the past year there has been a larger demand for full- 
time church workers than this school has been able to meet. Every 
member of the class of 193 6 has received employment, and every 
member of the class of 1937 has been employed this summer. All 
those desiring work are either now employed in full-time work or 
are being considered for positions. 
Enrollnient for the Ooniiiig Year 

A class of 33 Juniors were enrolled at the opening of the new 
session, September 15. There were 2 5 Seniors returning. The en- 
rollment of 5 8 is still inadequate to meet the demands v.'hich will 
be coming before these students are prepared for their work. Experi- 
ence, however, has taught us that a very high type of student is 
needed for the work of the church and, therefore, we have during 
the past summer consistently declined applications of those who 
did not have the necessary maturity or educational background. 

The year closing March 31, 1937, found our budget balanced 
and with a considerable reduction of our indebtedness. Our indebt- 
edness at present stands at approximately $60,000. Tne Board of 
Trustees and the President are now making plans for an annual 
reduction of this indebtedness. If the debt is retired, as it should 
be, within the next five years at least, it will be necessary for 
churches and individuals to become more interested in the work 
of this institution and more ready to contribute to it. The removal 
of this indebtedness, which would free us from an annual interest 
charge of ^3,3 00, would be the equivalent to the establishment of 
an endowment fund sufficient to care for the salary of one professor. 

Every church should during the coming year make it a matter 
of concern to contribute the full quota of one and one-half per cent 
of the Assembly's Benevolences to this school in order that there 
may not be a deficit this year. We have plugged the leak. Let us 


not open it again, but rather put all of our energies to pumping out 
the result of past deficits. 
Addition to the Faculty 

We are happy to announce that for the fall term we have se- 
cured an additional professor in Rev. Laurence F. Kinney, Ph. D., 
who will for that term occupy the Chair of Bible. Dr. Kinney is a 
member of West Hanover Presbytery; a native of West Virginia; an 
alumnus of Hampden-Sydney College, Union Theological Seminary, 
Richmond, Va., and the University of Virginia. He has received 
the degrees of Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy from the 
University of Virginia, and comes to us with the highest recom- 
mendations as a Christian man, teacher, pastor and preacher. He 
now holds a fellowship for nine-months' study of Theology in Edin- 
burgh and Paris. He will enjoy this fellowship during the first 
nine months of 1938, and be ready to return to us at the beginning 
of the fall term of that year. 
Department of Church Music. 

We are also happy to announce that in the fall of 193 8 we will 
establish a full department of Church Music under the direction of 
Mr. and Mrs. James Sydnor. Mr. and Mrs. Sydnor are this year 
completing their work in the Westminster Choir School. Mr. Sydnor 
will receive his Master's degree and Mrs. Sydnor, her Bachelor's 
degree, from that institution. Complete announcement of the 
courses to be offered in Choir Directing, Organ, Appreciation of 
Church Music and Hymnology, will be made during the coming 
Januaiy Slioi-t Term Courses. 

During the coming January emphasis at the Training School 
will be upon the most effective use of the Bible in Christian Educa- 
tion. In addition to the regular courses offered by the resident 
faculty, there will be a visiting professor from one of our Semina- 
ries. This January term offers an excellent opportunity for volun- 
teer workers throughout the church, for full-time workers who de- 
sire to do advanced study, and for all those who may be limited in 
the time which they can spend away from their homes. A full 
term's work in three subjects can be obtained during the month of 


1. That every local church be diligent to send the full quota 
of benevolent offerings to the Assembly's Training School. 

2. That the Assembly's Training School as a worthy cause 
for Christian liberality be heartily commended to local churches. 
Woman's Auxiliaries, Sunday Schools, and individuals. 


3. That pastors and the officers in the local church, ordained 
and unordained, be urged to be alert to discover the most promising 
young people in their church who seem called to full-time service 
in the lay work of the church, and to bring to their attention the 
opportunities for training in this work offered by the Assembly's 
Training School. 

4. That it be recommended to church sessions that they lend 
their encouragement and help to lay workers in the church, both 
volunteer and full-time, to attend the January term at the Assem- 
bly's Training School in order that they may be better prepared 
for their work. 

Respectfully submitted, 

FRED V. POAG, Chairman. 

Committee on Synod's Minutes submitted its report, which 
was adopted as follows : 

Your Committee makes the following report: 

Synod's 1936 Minutes have been examined and found in 

order. We find nothing which needs to be called to the attention 

of Presbytery. 

'Your Committee recommends that, since the Current Synod 

Minutes are not usually available to this Committee at the Fall 

Meeting of Presbytery, this Committee hereafter present its report 

at the Spring Meeting of Presbytery. 

Respectfully submitted, 

C. C. CRAWFORD, Chairman. 

Presbvterv recessed until 8 P. M. 


The Presbyterial Sermon wa^s preached by the Rev. M. C. 
P)0wling, according to the appointment of Presbytery, on 
"Vital Godliness, An EtTective Force in the Work of the King- 
dom of Christ." Text: Mark 16:20. 

The Lord's Supper wa.s then administered by the Rev. 
D. P. Rogers and the Rev. AV. T. McDonald. 

Tlie service was closed with the Benediction. 



Presbytery convened at 9 :00 A. M. 

Rev. Geo. L. Cooper conducted the opening devotions. 

Minutes of the previous day were read and approved as 

Rev. Geo. C. Bellingrath was excused from attending this 
meeting of Presbytery and granted permission to labor outside 
its bounds for the next six months. 

Committee on Christian Education & M. R. submitted its 
report, which was adopted and is as follows : 

Two requests have been received by your Committee of C. E. 
and M. R., the request of Carlyle Adolph McDonald that he be 
received as a candidate for the ministry; and the request of Chero- 
kee Presbytery that we examine John S. Steele as a candidate for 
the ministry, for them. 

We recommend that the requests be granted. 

J. S. ALBERTSON, Chairman. 

Mr. Carlyle Adolph McDonald was examined in experi- 
mental religion and motives for seeking the ministry, and was 
received under care of Presbytery, according to the provisions 
of the Book of Church Order, as a candidate for the Gospel 

Mr. John S. Steele was examined at the request of, and for, 
Cherokee Presbytery, in experimental religion and motives for 
seeking the ministr}-. 

Ministers' Annuity Fund: Expressions were heard from 
the representatives of the various churches regarding what 
they had done or proposed to do in presenting the Ministers' 
Annuity Fund. In accordance with the request of General 
Assembly, Presbytery engaged in a season of prayer for this 

Committee on Revision of the Confession of Faith submit- 
ted its report, which was received as information. 

The following recommendations were adopted : 

1. That the Presbytery call an adjourned meeting this Fall, 
and set a special time for the consideration of the proposed revision 
of the Confession of Faith. 


2. That Presbytery's Committee on Revision of the Confes- 
sion be instructed to bring in further suggestions or recommenda- 
tions to tlie Presbytery on the subject at this time; other members 
of the Presbytery being also privileged to bring in suggestions. 

Committee on Minutes of Assembly suljmitted its report, 
whieli was adopted as amended, and is as follows : 

Your Committee on Minutes of the Assembly wishes iirst of 
all to thank the Presbytery for the privilege of representing our 
brethren at the General Assembly. We were faithful in the dis- 
charge of our duties. Montreat is indeed an ideal place for the 
Assembly to meet. This year we met in the beautiful new Gaither 
Hall, built especially as the home of the General Assembly. Many 
new buildings are now under construction in Montreat and it 
grows in beauty and usefulness under the able direction of Dr. 
R. C. Anderson. 

Your Committee recommends that East Hanover Presbytery 
approve the two proposed amendments to the Book of Church 
Order consisting of a substitute for Chapter XXVI, Paragraph 142a, 
as already read to the Presbytery, and Paragraph 7 6a (Chapter XV), 
also read to the Presbytery. The two amendments deal with Pres- 
bytery's commission on the Minister and his work, and Synod's and 
Assembly's committees on the Minister and His work. 

We recommend also that our Presbytery answer the question, 
"Shall we re-enter the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in 
America?" in the affirmative. 

In regard to the request that a representation be named to 
represent the Assembly's Training School in giving to Presbytery 
an annual report, we recommend that this duty of keeping us in- 
formed regarding the Training School be assigned the Chairman 
of the Committee on Assembly's Institutions. See Minutes, page 3 6. 

We recommend hearty endorsement of the Presbyterian Youth 
Convention on World Missions planned for next December. (Page 

We would remind the Presbytery and the Stated Clerk of the 
Assembly's favorable action on Overture No. 31 (page 46) instruct- 
ing all Stated Clerks to notify churches of the ordination to the> 
ministry of any member of their congregation. 

We also call attention to the action of the Assembly request- 
ing all church courts meeting this fall to set aside a special season 
of Prayer for the success of the Ministers' Annuity Plan. 

Again the Commissioners wish to thank you for the honor 
bestowed upon them in being elected to represent you. 

J. BLANTON BELK, Chairman. 


Committee on Time and Place submitted its report, whicli 
was adopted as follows : 

We recommend: 1. That Presbytery accept the invitation of 
the Fairfield Church to meet in that church on April 19, 193 8, at 
9:00 A. M. 2. That Presbytery adjourn to meet in Second Presby- 
terian Church, Richmond, Monday, November 15, 10 A. M. 

J. E. HEMPHILL, Chairman. 

Committee on Courtesy submitted its report, which Avas 
accepted, and ordered read from the pulpit of the Church at 
the Avorship service on Sunday morning. The report is as fol- 
lows : 


East Hanover Presbytery wishes to take this means of ex- 
pressing to the pastor of Pryor Memorial Presbyterian Church of 
Crewe, the Rev. W. W. Bain, and to the congregation of that 
church sincere appreciation for its hospitable entertainment ac- 
corded the members of Presbytery. 

There have been manifest such friendly welcome, such cordial 
entertainment, both in church and in the homes of its members, 
that we feel more deeply than ever inspired by Christian love and 
more deeply bound together in Christian brotherhood. 

Thus, to the Rev. W. W. Bain and to the members of Pryor 
Memorial Church, Presbytery expresses its abiding gratitude. 
Respectfully submitted, 

FRED V. POAG, Chairman. 

Finance Committee submitted its report, which was adopted 
as follows : ■ ' 


The report of the Treasurer of the Presbytery, and the Treas- 
urer's Statement of the Church Quotas for Presbytery's Expenses 
for the year 1937-'3 8, and a communication from the Sandston 
Church were referred to this Committee. 

Information has come to us that the expenses of the Grace 
Covenant Commission, paid in part by the Treasurer, will be reim- 
bursed by the Grace Covenant Church. 

We recommend: 

1. The approval and adoption of the Treasurer's report and state- 

2. That the Treasurer be authorized to cancel the 19 35 Tax of the 
Sandston Church and so advise them. 

3. That the Treasurer be also authorized to cancel all unpaid delin- 
quent taxes prior to 19 36 and so advise those churches. 



4. That the Finance Committee be made a Permanent Committee 
to examine and report on all matters involving the Presbytery's 
Expenses. M. B. WYATT 



Cash on hand April 10, 1937: 

General Fund $1,937. 

Synod's Entertainment Fund 4. 




Receipts : 

Byrd, 1937 quota 

Chester, 193 7 quota 

Granite, 193 7 quota 

Montrose, 1937 quota 

Samuel Davies, 1937 quota . 
Tabb Street, 19 37 quota . . . 
Westminster, 193 7 quota . . . 

Petersburg Third, prior 1937 

Abedour, S. E. F 

Amelia, S. E. F 

Ashland, S. E. F. ... 
Bethany, S. E. F. ... 
Brett-Reed S. E. F. . . 
Centralia, S. E. P. . . 
Fredericksburg, S. E. F. 
Grace Covenant, S. E. F. 
Grove Avenue, S. E. F. 

Laurel, S. B. F 

Lawrenceville, S. E. F. 

Milden, S. E. F 

Overbrook, S. E. F. . . 
Petersburg Second. S. E 
Providence, S. E. F. . . 
Richmond First, S. E. F. 
Richmond Second, S. E. F 
Richmond Third, S. E. F. 
Roseneath, S. E. F. ... 
Tabb Street, S. E. F. . . 
Wesley Chapel, S. E. F. 
Woodlawn, S. E. F. . , 

; 5.00 






































Expenses Stated Clerk $ 43.78 

Printing and Postage 3S.60 

Printing and Mailing Minutes 261.07 

Treasurer's Bond 25.00 

Salary Treasurer I 129.92 

Salary Stated Clerk 10 4.00 

Auditing Committee's Expenses 2.50 

Ch. Edc. & Min. Rel. Expenses 2.26 

Religious Education Committee's Exp 50.00 

Grace Covenant Commission's Expenses 9 5.35 

Extra Assessment General Assembly % 64.46 

Synod's Entertainment Fund 3 4 2.85 

Casti on Hand (Virginia Trust Co.) 


General Assembly's Quota $ 838.04 

Salaries 641.08 

Printing and Mailing Fall Minutes 180.00 

$ 368.45 







Delinquent Presbyterial Taxes. 

Prior to 

Churches. 1937 1936 1936 Total 

Burkeville 9.95 14.00 15.00 38.95 

Centralia 16.00 16.00 

Colonial Heiglits . 9.90 9.00 18.90 

Drewry's Bluff. . . 10.85 11.00^ 21.85 

Fairmount 19.50 23.00 42.50 

Ginter Park .... 204.40 204.40 

Hoge Memorial . . 15.80 15.80 

Lakeside 28.85 30.00 58.85 

Mizpah 84.10 84.10 

Xottow-ay 4.00 4.00 

Petersburg Third 17.35 17.35 

Providence Forge 10.55 11.00 21.55 



Read Memorial 
Samuel Davies 
Sandston . . . . 
West End . . . . 




$ 487.50 



$ 151.00 


$ 126.00 


$ 764.50 

Cliurch Quotas for Pi'esbytery's Expenses, Fiscal Year 1937-1938. 

The Presbytery, at its Spring Meeting, adopted a budget of ?2,- 
600.00 for the year 193 7-38, instructed your treasurer to add twenty 
per cent and to use as a basis for figuring the quotas of the various 
Churches the total amount expended last year by the Churches, 
both for benevolences and current expenses, including building funds. 
Allowing, however, a deduction in favor of the recipient of funds 
paid by one church to another. Lakeside and Laurel each report hav- 
ing received $2 50.00 from Ginter Park Church. A deduction was 
also authorized in favor of Porter Street, on account of building 
fund, of $6,325.00. After deducting these amounts, the total dis- 
bursements were found to be $285,488.00; the budget being 1.09 
per cent of this amount that per cent was used in figuring the 
church quotas, which are as follows: 

Presbj tevial Quotas, 1937-1938. 
Cliurches. Expenditures. 

Abedour $ 380.00 

Amelia 2,970.00 

Ashland 2,038.00 

Bethany 931.00 

Blackstone 3,947.00 

Bon Air 1,517.00 

Bott Memorial 259.00 

Brett-Reed Memorial 879.00 

Brunswick 2,114.00 

Burkeville 1,387.00 

Byrd 211.00 

Campbell Memorial 1,9 82.00 

Centralia 300.00 

Chester 698.00 

Colonial Heights 862.00 

Czechoslovak First 1,403.00 

Drewry's Bluff 617.00 

Emporia 1,961.00 

Fairfield 1,439.00 

Fairmount 2,020.00 

Forest Plill 2,526.00 
























Fredericksburg 7,001.00 76.30 

Fulton 2,353.00 25.65 

Genito 409.00 4.45 

Ginter Park 18,963.00 206.70 

Grace Covenant 57,961.00 631.75 

Granite 406.00 4.45 

Grove Avenue 1,076.00 11.75 

Hawkins Memorial 272.00 2.95 

Hebron 487.00 5.30 

Hoge Memorial 1,777.00 19.35 

Hopewell First 2,305.00 25.10 

King's Chapel 351.00 3.85 

Lakeside 2,515.00 27.40 

Laurel 1,022.00 '^ 11.15 

Lawrenceville 659.00 7.20 

Milden 1,145.00 12.50 

Milford . . . 514.00 5.60 

Mizpali 8,197.00 89.35 

Montrose 1,446.00 15.75 

Namozine 873.00 9.50 

Nottoway 85.00 .95 

Overbrook 8,173.00 89.10 

Petersburg Second 18,042.00 196.65 

Petersburg Third 1,336.00 14.55 

Porter Street 3,759.00 40.95 

Providence 852.00 9.30 

Providence Forge 964.00 10.50 

Pryor Memorial 7,268.00 79.20 

Richmond First 20,477.00 223.20 

Richmond Second 32,531.00 354.60 

Richmond Third 11,948.00 130.25 

Read Memorial 2,212.00 24.10 

Roseneath 465.00 5.05 

Saint James 431.00 4.70 

Samuel Davies 1,572.00 17.15 

Sandston 2,926.00 31.90 

Tabb Street 18,078.00 197.05 

Union 478.00 5.20 

Vv^esley Chapel 114.00 1.25 

West End 2,497.00 27.20 

Westminster 9,622.00 104.90 

Windsor Shades 189.00 2.05 

Woodlawn 1,296.00 14.15 

Totals $285,4 88.00 $3,111.5 


Nominating- Committee submitted its report, which was 
adopted. It is as follows : 

We recommend for Synod's Committee on Mary Baldwin Col- 
lege: Minister — Rev. D. T. Caldwell. Elder — Mr. .1. A. Millard. 

W. R. HILL, 

Nominating Committee. 

Committee on Minutes of Presbytery submitted its report, 
which was accepted. It is as follows : 

Your Committee on Minutes of Presbytery begs to report that 
we have examined the Minutes of the Adjourned Meeting of Jan- 
uary 25, 1937, and the Spring Meeting, April 20, 1937, and find 
same in order. 

Respectfuly submitted, 

H. A. McBATH, 

Committee on Presbyterial Sermon submitted its report, 
which was adopted as follows : 

We recommend that Rev. Sam M. Inman be the preacher and 
that the subject be, "The Holy Spirit," and the Text Acts 1:8. 

Respectfully submitted, 

J. HALL MOORE, JR., Chairman. 

Committee on Nomination of Commissioners to General 

Assembly submitted its nominations and the following: were 
elected : 


Commissionei's — J. A. MacLean. N. L. Dennis, W. W. White, T. 
K. Currie. 

Alternates — J. B, Hemphill, Hugh Fitzpatrick, Michaux Raine, 
W. L. Carson. 




J. H. Sliipp Pryor Memorial 

J. McP. Lacy St. James 

J. W. Friend Petersburg Second " 

W. P. Martin Westminster 


W. M. Cease Overbrook 

H. M. AVoody Tabb Street 

W. F. H. Enos Ginter Park 

R. B. Hardy Blackstone 

Presbytery recessed until 1 :30 P. 'M. 


Presbytery reconvened at 1 :30 P. ]M. 

Eev. J. A. MacLean addressed Presbytery on the Foreign 
Mission Work of onr Church. 

Motion prevailed that the Moderator and Stated Clerk ex- 
tend to all the missionaries at Mission Court an invitation to 
attend the Spring Meeting of Presbytery. 

The minutes were read and approved as corrected. 

After the singing of a hymn Presbytery was adjourned 
with prayer and the benediction by the Eev. "W. W. Bain, to 
meet November 15, 1937, at 10 A. M., in the Second Church, 

.TOHX \V. PETFXD. Moderator. 
CHAS. A. McGIET, Stated Clerk. 

Called Meeting 

October 11, 1937. 

East Hanover Presbytery met in called session in the 
Second Presbyterian Church, Richmond, on October 11, 1937, 
at 10 :00 A. M. The Moderator, Mr. John AV. Friend, presided 
and the meeting was opened with prayer. 
The f olloAving member>s were present : 

Ministers — D. P. Rogers, F. V. Poag, S. M. Inman, H. J. Womel- 
dorf, J. S. Albertson, J. A. Millard, Jr., C. C. Crawford, J. H. Mac- 
rae, Thompson B. Southall, H. D. Brown, Jr., E. T. Thompson, W. 
W. White, Chas. A. McGirt. 

Elders — E. L. Faber, Fulton; R. S. Gray, Richmond Second; 
W. F. Stevenson, Laurel; W. E. Walker, Sandston; J. W. Friend, 
Petersburg Second. 

The call wa.s read and found in order, and is as follows : 

Petersburg, Va., September 29, 1937. 
The Constitutional requirements having been met, I hereby 
call a meeting of East Hanover Presbytery to be held in the Second 
Presbyterian Church, Richmond, Virginia, on Monday, October 11, 
1937, at 10:00 A. M., to consider the following business: 

1. The request of Rev. Herman J. AVomeldorf to dissolve the 
Pastoral Relations existing between him and the Fulton Presbyte- 
rian Church. 

2. Any business growing out of the above matter. 

JOHN W. FRIEND, Moderator. 

Rev. H. J. AVomeldorf stated that he had resigned as pas- 
tor of the Fulton Presbyterian Church and requested the dis- 
solution of the pastoral relations between him and that Church. 

Through their representative, Mr. E. L. Faber, the congre- 
gation concurred in the request. 

The Presbytery granted the request and dissolved the pas- 
toral relation. 

At his request a letter of dismissal to AA'inchester Presby- 
terv was granted to Air. AA'omeldorf. 


The matter of declaring the pulpit vacant was referred to 
the Commission on Vacancy and Supply. 
The minutes were read and approved. 
The meeting closed with prayer and the benediction. 

JOHN W. FRIEND, Moderator. 
CHAS. A. McGIRT, Stated Clerk.